I have tried to learn the F bar chord, but it is still a struggle for me, so I think I will need to change that on my music growth plan. If I had known it was a bar chord when I set the requirements I would have discluded it. I did find alternate chords for Hallelujah, so I will use these to learn instead

There is also the song “Fragile” by Cooper and Gatlin, that I have found myself practicing just because I like the song instead of my chosen songs. If it works as a replacement in my growth plan, I might enjoy learning this song instead of one of the others I chose.

As the semester progressed, and with a heavier workload outside of school requirements, I found myself falling behind with practice. I really enjoy this project, and practicing my instrument, but it becomes difficult when I don’t have much time at home. Guitar is not the most portable instrument when one’s primary form of transportation is public transit and walking. I actually had to drop a shift at work starting at the end of February because I became a bit overwhelmed, but I’m hoping that I will be able to catch up quickly. 

I am hopeful in my ability to learn guitar and sing, which is my main goal, but my chord transitions are not as clean as I would like them yet. Last class, I switched instruments with Sarah, which I really enjoyed, but I also learned the joys of a smaller fretboard. While my hands are not too small for a full sized guitar, I do not have the longest of fingers, and wouldn’t mind giving them a break by  playing a miniature gutar. 

(A note regarding my growth plan is that I did not put on the capo for Stand By Me, because the key worked better for me.)


Here is a video of me playing Stand By Me

And here is the pentatonic scale