PSII is a local high school that uses inquiry-based education to fulfil BC high school curriculum. Our class visited the school and was introduced to their style of education, which I found to be very fascinating. I personally love the inquiry learning style and wish I had been exposed to it more during my high school education because I consider it to be much more meaningful than the prevailing test-based curriculum. I succeeded in my secondary courses and attained above-average grades in the standard classroom environment, but I did so without attaining a deep understanding of the material. I wish that there were more local institutions like PSII, because while I love the middle elementary years, I would consider moving to a higher grade if I could facilitate this type of education.

The main concern I have with PSII’s method is that students must be self-motivated. This is something I struggle with, though usually when I am not passionate about what I am learning. On the other hand, I go above and beyond when I am studying something I enjoy. I think PSII is doing a great job of prioritizing their learners’ needs, therefore successfully covering the curriculum in a deeper way. Because of their methods, PSII teaches learners skills like self-management and planning as well. I don’t know if self-motivation (in all circumstances) is something that can be trained, but sometimes studying something for its meaning rather than a test can also incite interest. I can see this to be a potential problem with learners, but not an impossible obstacle, and would be interested in PSII’s take on this question.

Overall, I really enjoyed visiting PSII and hope to see this movement grow, both within and beyond my local sphere.