was not a difficult process, but I’m already learning by making mistakes. As with most other skills, one must read instructions before getting creative and I’m afraid I overestimated my abilities… Not the greatest start to my blogging career. Once I have the hang of this, I’m sure I will enjoy writing blog posts.

Blogging is a way to document someone’s progress and thought process through an experience. This insight can help others going through similar situations, or learning new tasks. Sometimes, blogging is made, read, or watched simply for the purpose of amusement. Blogging does not take place only in a traditional blog context, it happens on popular social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Students may not realize it, but they are exposed to a great deal of information distributed via blogging. Because of its great prevalence, blogging influences millions, providing education (quality or not) to the masses. It has the power to spread valuable knowledge, or cause confusion, so in my opinion, it is vital to teach young people to use media wisely.

In this age of technology, the use of blogging as pedagogy will allow students to practice something they are already been exposed to in a constructive and meaningful way. While it might not be on a traditional blog, students will continue to create and consume blogged content, and it is important to teach them to discern between false news and facts. Using blogging as an educational method can help students to explore their interests, be constructive with criticism, and practice kindness among other skills, and I think it is an important practice to support in elementary classrooms. 

I look forward to learning about blogging in my own life, so that I can eventually use it as pedagogy in my classrooms.